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Our window for this year is NOW till December 8th!!!

All of our hard work and efforts are paying off. We are on the cusp of getting ISO AMT relief passed THIS YEAR - in fact, in the THIS WEEK!!!

News from Washington DC is that Congress will very likely be passing a tax package (called the "Tax Extenders") before they leave for the Christmas Break, tentatively slated for December 8th. The good news is that partial ISO AMT Relief was part of the original Tax Extender package that was included in the "Trifecta" bill that passed the House, so we are well positioned to be included in a Tax Extender package. In fact, ISO AMT Relief was recently highlighted in the Washington Post (click here to see the Op Ed).

We have two challenges:

  1. Many special interests will be fighting to be included on the Tax Extenders; we need to make sure ISO AMT Relief is kept as a top priority.

  2. The current ISO AMT Relief language has some limitations:

    • It includes phase-outs based on AGI that will leave many families without relief.
    • It does not include any language on how to deal with penalities and interest or outstanding liabilities.

    We need to make sure the ISO AMT relief that is passed is fair for everyone.

Please take a few minutes for you, your family, and friends, to send a short email or fax letter to you Staff contacts in both DC and District (sample provided below; it can be very short because now this issue is understood so no explanation is needed), and to make a quick follow up call, to your Representative and Senators.

Your efforts and a few minutes of your time at this critical juncture, can make all the years of hard work pay off for you, your family, your neighbors.

As always, please keep us informed on your efforts by emailing us at

Thanks so much!!! and please call if you have any questions.

Click here for more information on the Washington Post Op Ed

Jay Cena
(408) 257-3296 (PST)

Rebecca Metz
(512) 560-5211 (CST)

Tim Carlson
(301) 515-6584 (EST)

Jeff Chou
(650) 207-3940 (PST)

PROPOSED MESSAGE TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AND SENATORS (Feel free to include a sentence or two on your particular situation or the situation of someone you know.):

Dear [Representative] [Senator]:

Thank you so much for all your and your offices' efforts in working to provide relief to [Your State] families suffering from ISO AMT tax on money they never received. We have heard that Congress may be passing a tax package before the end of the year. We respectfully urge you to please make sure that ISO AMT Relief is included in this tax package. [Your State] families have been suffering for more than six years and we are desperate.

We also respectfully request that all [Your State] families are treated fairly, by removing the "phase-outs" that would leave many [Your State] families without much-needed relief, and by clarifying the treatment of outstanding liabilities, penalties, and interest. No family can afford to pay, nor is it fair to make them pay, taxes on "phantom" income they never had.

Thanks for all you do for [Your State]!

[Your name]

[Your Address and Contact]